Прокладки гигиенические женские Mora Mona один черный дезодорант бамбуковый уголь

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Прокладки гигиенические женские Mora Mona один черный дезодорант бамбуковый

Описание товара

Extreme Quality Material: For efficiently leak-proof and absorb water, our sanitary pads consist of four layers of materials, super soft and quick-drying bamboo charcoal fiber, 2-layer super-absorbent microfiber, the outer waterproof material.
Healthy and Eco-friendly: The bamboo charcoal fiber is soft and natural, it is very easy to clean and dries quickly, so it will not produce peculiar smell or harmful ingredients, reusbale and washable.

Keep in Place: The easy-to-open and lock snap buttons on wings can adjust the width and fix the sanitary pad on the underwear, so you can use it in running and sports.

Essential Items for Women: This set saves your expenses, greatly helping cut down on the landfill waste, it is good for the environment and ourselves. It can be used whether menstruation, postpartum bleeding or incontinence.

Brand Name: Mora Mona
Outter material : 1 layer soft PUL waterproof
Middle material : 1 layer microfiber
Inner material : 1 layer bamboo charcoal
Color : Many fashion prints to be chosen
Feature:waterproof and super absorbent; washable and reusable
Size:30cm x 18cm
Shape : Winged
Our product is a health and environmental protection peoduct .

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